Electronic Painting / Digital Art

Zoo 1

The Electronic Painting series plays with the visual possibilities afforded by virtual systems. 

The formal aspects of the images are constructed through the use of Adobe Photoshop, in a way similar to the creation of electronic music. Rather than working the material aspects of the images I concentrate on the visual ones, which become materialized at the time of their production/printing. Brushes imported into Photoshop from the Internet become some of the media used and the resulting images are further combined, extending the series in (almost) endless variations.

Conceptually, the images are built as separate from their material support. This chasm, possible only with the technological advances of the digital realm, brings with it a profound change in the way we think about images and art in general. Never before had the processes of image-making and material rendering been as conceptually separated as they can be now. This series wants to call attention to this element through the construction of images with no material support.

Thematically the series is built around the topic of air, as an element and as a concept. Wings, smoke, empty areas, space, and space as seen from the air (via Google maps), incorporate images in a construction of meaning and play with abstraction and figuration boundaries.

The final images are variable in sizes and in media. They can be printed on paper or canvas as the needs of the installation dictate. They can also be seen and purchased as NFTs here